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NUCHAS EMPANADAS: Do cry for me Argentina

times square evita

Dear Food Diary:
It just so happens that Evita is playing in Times Square, diagonally across from Nuchas (an empanadas stand developed by my fellow paisano, the Argentinean born Ariel Barbouth). I grew up eating these oven baked pockets of goodness and was thrilled to finally have an interesting quick bite before a show. But in the end, I walked away singing “Do cry for me Argentina”. The truth is, they made me I miss home even more… *sigh*

Mission Chinese Food NYC: “things that make you go hmmm”!? (CLOSED)

Mission Chinese Food NYC 6

Dear Food Diary:
A couple days ago, Underground Dining and I tried the new “chinese food” joint in town. Their SF restaurant has great reviews, so as you can imagine, it was all the buzz when they landed in NYC. I love the food of my peoples and I’m always open to unique and creative twists to classics, but somehow, Arsenio Hall (I’m dating myself, oh well…) took over me while walking out of dinner … “things dishes that make you go hmmm“!?

TACOMBI: love the decor, the tacos not so much


Dear Food Diary:
Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of Aaron Sanchez, and I was really hoping Tacombi could be my go to spot for tacos. With such a whimsical VW Combi (hence the clever name!) in the middle of the casual/warehouse setting, it’s hard not to fall in love at first sight. Unfortunately  I can’t go on gushing about the food or price.

Yogi Korean Tacos cart in midtown

Dear Food Diary:
I was pleasantly surprised to see this cart at the corner of 47th and 3rd ave yesterday . I love Korilla, but the truck is hardly around Midtown East and when it is, the line is insane (for good reason). Yogi on the other hand is a cart, there “permanently” during lunch time (for now at least).

RAMEN MISOYA: “Me So” Salty!!!

Ramen Misoya 1

Dear Food Diary:
Yes, winter is here and “ramen season” has started, but is there room on this tiny island of Manhattan for yet another ramen joint? Apparently so. With stores in Tokyo, Kyoto, Silicon Valley and Taipei, I wasn’t going to let this one by without slurping a big bowl of steaming goodness.
Ramen Misoya 7
Ramen Misoya took over that “doomed” spot on 2nd Ave, right around the corner of St. Mark Place. Over the years, this narrow little space has hosted a number of eateries, none memorable. There’s a tv screen on the back showing you the kitchen, sort of like an open kitchen I guess? Though nothing beats sitting at Totto Ramen’s counter and watching them torch the pork and prep your ramen.
Ramen Misoya 8
The menu consist of 3 different types of miso(miso paste is made with fermenting rice, barley and or soybeans with salt and fungus. Different combinations/fermenting time/preparation make the types of miso).