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[ RECIPE ] Provenzal Chimichurri Sauce

provenzal chimichurri sauce recipe 3

Dear Food Diary:
Growing up in Argentina, salsa Provenzal and Chimichurri were quintessential to any good asado or parrilla aka BBQ grilled meats. The garlicky herb mixture, paired well almost everything. Honestly, I slathered it on anything from chicken to fries.

Because I could never chose between the two, I started making my hybrid recipe of Provenzal Chimichurri Sauce. Provenzal or chimichurri purists need not email complaints. Food is personal and we should be able to have fun and make it the way we like it.

[ RECIPE ] Dark Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding

Dark chocolate coconut chia pudding - recipe - 2

Dear Food Diary:
In an effort to eat healthier this year (wedding coming up), I’ve started cooking more. Adding my own twist to different recipes. One of my main concerns is flavor. It has to taste good above all.

The Dark Chocolate Coconut Chia Pudding is the ultimate guilt-free dessert. The list of benefits from this little seed is long but “fight belly fat” caught my eye. Indulge in a chocolate treat while possibly getting a flat belly? My kind of delicious “exercise”.

[RECIPE] Roasted artichoke with lemon garlic aioli for Whole Foods

RECIPE roasted artichokes with lemon garlic aioli

Dear Food Diary:
Last weekend, I partnered up with Whole Foods to make a home video of my favorite Roasted artichoke with lemon garlic aioli recipe. Super simple and satisfying.

The challenge was to use one of their Madness Sale items and follow me from the Columbus Circle store to my kitchen. I chose the Chilean Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

[RECIPE]: Dessert Trucks’ Chocolate Souffle

dessert truck 1

Dear Food Diary:
It’s not too late to give your honey a sweet surprise. I’m sharing Dessert Truck’s Chocolate souffle recipe from a class I took there a while back.

Dessert truck was one of the first cool food trucks in the city. Later on they opened a shop on the LES and for a while, it was where I got my sweet fix. I was sad to find out they closed! So, here’s my way of remembering them…

Sending them much love in this season of love… those sweet treats will be missed…

ABODE POP UP: dinner at The Old Bowery Station (chef from The Taste)

The Old Bowery Station - Abode family meal pop up dinner 10

Dear Food Diary:
A couple Fridays ago, I emailed my monthly dinner buddies J, J and C to try out this new Abode Pop Up dinner. Right inside the subway entrance of the old, abandoned Bowery Station, Chefs Gregg and Sarah created their version of comfort food Abode Family Style. Tickets were purchased through Eventbrite for $75 (5 course + wine pairing). Seating was limited to 10 people per service with only 4 services a night.

Fast forward a week, while watching the first episode of  The Taste, I see non other than Gregg Drusinsky on tv! He looked so familiar and then I realized it was the Gregg, that really friendly and fun chef from the pop up! I was so excited to see him chosen for Ludo’s team. Then it all made sense. Chef, tv reality cooking show, pop up dinner… I see he’s following his mentor Ludo’s path.

Check out the dinner and find the recipe of their awesome salad below…