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YAKINIKU GEN: Carnivore Happy Hour

Yakiniku Gen

Dear Food Diary:
My ability to hold alcohol has gone down dramatically in these past years, so the words Happy Hour usually just means a glass of wine – two if I want to be wild. But a Carnivore style Happy Hour? Sign me up! This Chubby can eat her weight in red meat (the Argentinean in me is giving myself a hi-five).

Last weekend, my friend W introduced me to Yakiniku Gen’s Happy Hour at Midtown East (my old stomping ground). $2.50 sake, you bet I went crazy and got another round. Plus, lots of grilled meat, meat side dishes, ramen and more.

Now that’s what I call “happy hour”.

BCD Tofu House: 24hrs Korean Comfort Food

BCD tofu - Banchan

Dear Food Diary:
Not too long ago, I had to trek all the way to Jersey for my BCD Tofu House fix. Thankfully, they’ve reopened in K-town.

On a crazy snow day like today, this would really hit the spot. But then again, spicy Korean comfort food comes in handy any day and you never know when you might desperately need it.

Open 24hrs is such a a perk. 

[RECIPE] Easy Grilling: Korean Pork Belly at home

korean grilling at home 1
korean grilling at home 2

Dear Food Diary:
For the love of pork belly, my friend C invited us over to her new bachelorette pad for an korean style BBQ night.

This is really the easiest “recipe” ever! All you need is a good indoor BBQ grill, kimchi and pork belly! All these are easy to find in Korean supermarkets (we went to H Mart which also has online shopping).

Yogi Korean Tacos cart in midtown

Dear Food Diary:
I was pleasantly surprised to see this cart at the corner of 47th and 3rd ave yesterday . I love Korilla, but the truck is hardly around Midtown East and when it is, the line is insane (for good reason). Yogi on the other hand is a cart, there “permanently” during lunch time (for now at least).

Shilla: trying some new things in the heart of Korean Town (and some old favorites too)

Shilla 1
Dear Food Diary:
I frequent K-town, but for some reason, I’ve stuck to a couple places over the years. So when the peeps at Shilla invited me to a tasting, my taste buds were ready to discover some new and some more familiar dishes.