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Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot

Dear Food Diary:
When it comes to hot pot, Flushing just rules over the other boroughs. With so many options, Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot is top on my list. 

I couldn’t take this cold weather any longer, so we ventured into my old hood yesterday for some good old steamy dipping fun. Seriously, the perfect winter fix a train ride away.

Land of Plenty: Where Chinese folks eat Chinese in Midtown East

land of plenty

Dear Food Diary:
We stumbles upon Land of Plenty one night after tennis class on the East side. I was hesitant. Chinese food right across from Bloomingdales? Could this authentic?

Imagine my surprise when I saw a sea of my peoples in the dining room! Did I just get transported to China?

So this is where Chinese folks eat Chinese food in Midtown East…

456 Shanghai Cuisine: A taste of home

456 Shanghai Cuisine

Dear Food Diary:
After Happy Hour at Elevate the other day, I suddenly felt really homesick. One of the best cures for that is having a good “home cooked” meal, so I dragged my ChubbyBuddies over to 456 Shanghai Cuisine for some family style feast. There’s nothing like ChubbyMama’s cooking, but the dishes here did the job. From crab soup dumplings, Shanghainese rice cakes to drunken chicken, smoked fish and stewed pork with tofu sheets… it sorta hit home.

It’s a shorter ride to Chinatown than PVG, that’s for sure…

Mission Chinese Food NYC: “things that make you go hmmm”!?

Mission Chinese Food NYC 6

Dear Food Diary:
A couple days ago, Underground Dining and I tried the new “chinese food” joint in town. Their SF restaurant has great reviews, so as you can imagine, it was all the buzz when they landed in NYC. I love the food of my peoples and I’m always open to unique and creative twists to classics, but somehow, Arsenio Hall (I’m dating myself, oh well…) took over me while walking out of dinner … “things dishes that make you go hmmm“!?

Peking Duck House: Chinese New Year Lunch

peking duck house 1
Dear Diary:
For Chinese New Year this year, my coworkers and I decided to wear red and have a Peking duck feast for lunch. We went to the Midtown East location of Peking Duck House, closer to work (food is identical to the Chinatown one). I was anticipating this meal, after all, peking duck is one of my favorite ways to eat duck and the inspiration of my ChubbyChineseGirl sandwich.