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SEOUL CHICKEN: Asian and Southern style fried chicken

seoul chicken - fried chicken wings and tea

Dear Food Diary:

If double fried, korean style chicken wings bathing in Asian flavors tickle your appetite, this is the place for you.

Don’t be fooled by the name. Seoul Chicken is a mixture of Asian influences with Chef Chaz Brown’s Southern background.

Nightingale 9: Vietnamese with a dash of Southern

Nightingale 9 - vietnamese in Brooklyn

Dear Food Diary:
When StalkerBoy plans our date night, he usually picks something unique to surprise me, like going to Nightingale 9 in Carroll Gardens for Vietnamese.

When I saw chef/owner Robert Newton (from Seersucker) on the menu, it all made sense. See, I follow him on Instagram and I knew he was back in Vietnam, the photo evidence showed him flavor scoping – hence his venture to open a Vietnamese joint in the first place.

456 Shanghai Cuisine: A taste of home

456 Shanghai Cuisine

Dear Food Diary:
After Happy Hour at Elevate the other day, I suddenly felt really homesick. One of the best cures for that is having a good “home cooked” meal, so I dragged my ChubbyBuddies over to 456 Shanghai Cuisine for some family style feast. There’s nothing like ChubbyMama’s cooking, but the dishes here did the job. From crab soup dumplings, Shanghainese rice cakes to drunken chicken, smoked fish and stewed pork with tofu sheets… it sorta hit home.

It’s a shorter ride to Chinatown than PVG, that’s for sure…

Mami PG’s Cooking: Delivering homemade Penang style lunch boxes

mami pg cooking 1

Dear Food Diary:
2 weeks ago, I read about Mami PG’s Cooking on Midtown Lunch. A family business run by Malaysian freelance journalist Nani Yusof Hughie. She cooks up authentic Penang dishes and delivers them lunch box style to the Malaysian deprived midtown lunch crowd. The Nasi Lemak lunch was only $7! Yes please!

Noodies Thai Kitchen: a warm hug from a bowl of soup noodle

noodies 1

Dear Food Diary:
We stumbled upon Noodies Thai Kitchen on a rainy day while I was feeling under the weather. Seeking comfort from bowl of soup noodle, I wanted something simple and lighter than ramen. As we wondered around Hell’s Kitchen, I looked across the street and saw their cute sign. Tiny little place, with a lot of character and great prices. Most importantly, that bowl of chicken noodle soup hit the spot, like a warm hug from my mama.