Meet my “CHUBBY PORKY Sandwich” from Cer Te

Cer Te Chubby Porky June Sandwich 9
Dear Food Diary:
It’s finally here! I’ve been waiting since April for my 2nd Sandwich Challenge Winner the “Chubby Porky” to arrive (ok, not exactly… since the official day is next Monday, June 6th). But lucky, I had a taste test/preview yesterday and lets just say, you and your inner chubby are in for a treat at $8.95.
Cer Te Chubby Porky June Sandwich 2
Cer Te Chubby Porky June Sandwich 3
Chef Edward and PJ delivered my first Chubby Porky along with a $100 Cer Te Certificate. I guess it’s time to invite bring my Chubby Buddies to lunch.

Cer Te Chubby Porky June Sandwich 1
The pork belly is first dry rubbed with salt, brown sugar and chinese five spice. Then its braised in beer and soy sauce. Right before assembling, Chef Ed decided to crisp the pork belly in the frier (how genius is that!? this last step caramelizes the edges and skin, making it crispy and addictive, while the center remains moist and oh so melt in your mouth tender).

Cer Te Chubby Porky June Sandwich 5
Starts off with a Toasted Brioche, slathered with a Sweet Sesame Sauce, sprinkled with Toasted Sesame Seeds, then Watercress and Scallion are added along with Crisped Beer & Soy Braised Pork Belly.
Cer Te Chubby Porky June Sandwich 8
Cer Te Chubby Porky June Sandwich 6
Cer Te Chubby Porky June Sandwich 7
Look at that pork… sitting there all sexy… calling ma’name. The fat is laced with juicy lean meat, while there’s a sweet and savory mix all around. Crispy, chewy, crunchy. all in one bite. The textures are playful, melt in your mouth one moment and before you know it, there’s that freshness and crunch of watercress and the aroma of scallions. These also help cut some of the fattiness (not that fatty is a bad thing in my book). Randomly, there are tiny pops of sesame seeds. The perfectly toasted buttery brioche holds everything together as it should, crisp on the outside while standing firm towards that finger lickin’ sweet sesame sauce and all the juices and drippings of the pork belly. One bite and it felt like my ChubbyMama was here in Amelica, making my favorite dish with a fusion twist. This one is definitely inspired by her.
Cer Te Chubby Porky June Sandwich 10
And you know how I love pork skin! This isn’t super crunchy, but it has a slight crispy texture and a bit of a chew that I totally enjoy.
Cer Te Chubby Porky June Sandwich 12
Cer Te once again made my idea into an amazingly satisfying and yummy sandwich. A steal for $8.95! I hope you guys will like it as much as my Chubby Chinese Girl Sandwich. Oink! Oink! Let’s not tell Babe about this, but do gather your pork loving friends for lunch and eat’em’up like you mean it. I can’t wait ’til Monday comes. After devouring my first Chubby Porky, I want more! (I predict big stretchy pants as my new bff this summer… totally worth it).

P.S. Chubby’s RATING:chubby rating 5
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